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Switch sockets carefully selected "Sanho"
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The traditional rope switch has withdrawn from the social era, replaced by a wall switch socket, which makes the room more beautiful and generous, and is currently one of the small appliances in every family. With the development of wall switch sockets, more and more businesses are also selling non-stop, then how can we choose good quality wall switch sockets? It is mainly divided into three steps:

The first step is to look at the appearance of the wall switch socket. High-quality wall switch sockets are generally made of high-grade plastic materials, with a shiny surface, good flame retardant, insulation and impact resistance, and are not easy to change color;

The second part is to check the internal structure of the wall switch socket. Usually, pure silver contacts and silver-copper composite materials are selected as the main conductive sheets, which can avoid oxidation during the opening and closing process;

The third part is to choose a wall switch socket with a protective cover. When purchasing, you need to check the fastening of its clips. A suitable plug can ensure that the power failure will be reduced during use and will not fall off easily.

After choosing a high-quality wall switch socket, more people will pay attention to the appearance of its design. The editor recommends that when choosing the color of the wall switch socket, you must choose a color that is similar to your own wall, otherwise it will appear out of place.
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