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Conditions for high-quality switch sockets
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1. High quality materials
The materials used in the panels of high-quality switch sockets are excellent in flame retardancy, insulation, impact resistance and moisture resistance, with strong material stability and resistance to discoloration. It is not easy to soften and deform, and the outer shell is made of high-quality fireproof materials, and it will not burn at high temperatures.

2. Stylish and exquisite appearance
The surface of the switch socket is smooth, uniform in color, and textured. The brand logo on the panel should be clear and full, without any burrs on the surface, and the information parameters are clear.

3. Internal structure
Good switches usually use silver alloy contacts and pure copper materials as conductive bridges, which can prevent oxidation caused by arc when the switch is opened and closed, and extend the service life. The plug sleeve is nickel-plated with phosphor bronze, and the surface is smooth and golden yellow. The phenomenon of patina.

4. Comfortable feel
Try the switch. A good switch spring is moderately hard and flexible, and the turning on and off is relatively strong. It will not cause the socket button to stop at a certain position in the middle and become a serious fire hazard. The insert sleeve strength is moderate. The mating feel is smooth and the comfort is higher.

5. Safety certification
Qualified socket products must have obtained national certification and comply with international industry standards. Domestic products must pass 3C certification and ISO9000 series certification. These will be marked in the product itself, packaging or manual through the logo.

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